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Meet Sharif


Photo by: Pezz Photo

Sharif is a very very special little boy. He needs twenty four hour total care. He loves to be tickled and music and responds by smiling. He acknowledges that people are talking to him by following them with his eyes. Sharif needs a very special family who will be able to connect with the little boy inside, who will be able to make him simile and maybe laugh in his own way and who can appreciate that these are the ways he gives back. His family will need to be able to provide for all of his needs for his entire life.

Heart Gallery of Tampa

Meet Valecia


Photo by: Lorrie Snodgrass
Children’s Home Society of Florida

Say hi to Valecia! A typical fun day for this bubbly teenager would consist of shopping, hanging out at the mall with friends, or going to the local movie theater. Valecia's friends would describe her as friendly, funny, and a very loyal friend. Valecia loves Italian food so it's no surprise that her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. In her alone time, Valecia likes to color in adult coloring books and she also likes to read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. A family that is energetic and ready to give Valecia the attention and love she needs would be perfect for her. Perhaps your family can be the one to help Valecia make her dreams come true!

Heart Gallery of Okeechobee & the Treasure Coast


Meet Imani


Photo by: Gabe Sheffield

Meet Imani, a wonderful young lady with a sweet disposition. She enjoys going to school and loves to read. She needs some encouragement with math. She enjoys dance as well as stepping (Step-dance) and performing. Additionally, she enjoys attending church. Imani would do well in a single female home or a two parent home that can help her to meet her full potential.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Meet Christina


Photo by: Gabe Sheffield

Christina is a sweet, funny, and compassionate young lady. She loves being around younger children and hopes to be a big sister one day. She dreams of being a gymnastics coach, an elementary school teacher, or an advocate for foster children who have experienced situations similar to her own. Christina is pretty quick when it comes to understanding the world around her and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she feels is right. Christina would love to be part of a family that is active, has younger children and one who will help her get back on track in school. Christina’s Puerto Rican culture is very important to her, especially the food and music, which is something that will need to be celebrated in her Forever Family as well. Christina truly wants to be part of a family who will love her unconditionally and stick with her through all of life’s ups and downs.

Heart Gallery of Tampa


Meet Rhythm


Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Meet Rhythm, a vivacious teen whose heart yearns to travel. If she could go anywhere, she would visit Australia and soak up the sun! Rhythm describes herself as energetic and respectful. She longs to go on family road trips and explore new places. After high school, Rhythm wants to channel her adventurous nature into becoming a storm chaser. Rhythm is ready for a forever family to call her own, hopefully one where she will have siblings and that likes to joke around.

Families First Network

Meet Jamyah


Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Meet Jamyah! Jamyah is a fun loving, goofy young lady. She enjoys laughing and is great at making others feel warm and welcomed. When Jamyah needs to relax she loves to sketch and sing. Her favorite color is blue and she enjoys cooking her favorite food, macaroni and cheese. She also loves dogs and making people smile. Jamyah wants to be adopted by an active family who will love and support her.

Heart Gallery of Jacksonville


Meet Amber


Photo by: Becca Broeseker

Meet Amber! Amber is a social butterfly that finds it easy to form bonds with others. She enjoys basketball, track, cheerleading, dancing and gymnastics. She participated in a camp last summer and made many friends as well as shared her talent of singing and dancing in front of an audience. Amber wants to share her laughter in a home to call her own. She needs the guidance of a forever family that will stand by her side and support her through life.

Heart Gallery of Jacksonville

Meet Nahari


Photo by: Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Meet big hearted Nahari! This teen has a passion for fishing and magic tricks. He also enjoys video games, most sports, and playing with a yo-yo. Going out to eat is always fun for him. Nahari is in the 9th grade this year and is doing well and enjoys learning. He has siblings he won’t be adopted with but enjoys visits with, so he wants a family who will support those relationships. Nahari has had some big losses and challenges in his young life and thrives with a consistent environment and schedule. A committed family will find that Nahari is the perfect addition to their home!

Heart Gallery of Central Florida


Meet Reba


Photo by: David Schulz

Reba is a very pretty young lady who is very anxious to be adopted. In fact, she asks her caseworker frequently if she has found a family for her yet. Reba is delightful, complex and sometimes very funny. She can also be very challenging. She is a very high energy, active child. She loves RAP music, riding her bike, and playing with her baby dolls. She also loves playing video games. She would love to have a mom who will take her to be pampered by having her hair and nails done. Reba is very outgoing and friendly and she loves attention but she wants to do things her way. She can be very helpful around the house. She receives special services in school to help her learn in her own way. Reba is working hard on some of her challenges but she needs a family who will accept her unconditionally, the way she is. She also needs a calm, very consistent family as she does not do well with constant stimulation and change. She wants a family that will support her relationship with her brother who is being adopted separately.

Families First Network

Meet Zachary


Photo by: Heart Gallery of the Big Bend

Zachary 'Zach' is a tall, shy young man who is very sweet and insightful. He enjoys playing football, doing yardwork, going to the beach, and riding his bike. Zach enjoys being in a big city where everything is close by and enjoys being very active. He loves all types of animals but only tolerates cats. Zach has a ton of hope for his future and is still thinking about what he wants to do when he becomes an adult.

Heart Gallery BIG BEND


Meet Shyann


Shyann is an outgoing, fun-loving kid who’s always ready for adventure! She loves Go-Karts, skateboards, and running loose at amusement parks, but her greatest love is the water. She’s happiest when she’s swimming, and could be named an honorary mermaid. When she’s ready to chill, she enjoys reading a good book like the Percy Jackson or Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and in school she’s fascinated by her science lessons. Shyann’s a sweet, determined kid who has come such a long way, and she craves the support and encouragement of a forever family. She’ll excel in a patient, active two-parent home where she can be the sole focus and learn to truly believe in her strengths and abilities.

Heart Gallery of Tampa

Meet Preston


Photo by: Ashley Van Zandt Photography

Preston is a special little boy. He will melt your heart with his million dollar smile. Preston loves to play video games and is very fond of trucks. He can be very affectionate and loves to give hugs. Preston would be a wonderful addition to any family. He is able to build great bonds and understands events occurring in his environment. Preston has a medical condition which impedes his emotional and social development. Preston is non-verbal but can make his point come across. Preston needs a permanent family who can commit to him unconditionally.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida


Meet Mytravis


Photo by: Miami Heart Gallery

Articulate, easygoing and lover of all things outdoors, Mytravis recently learned how to swim. “I’m good at it,” he says, but admits his backstroke could use some work. He’s also good at numbers – math class is his favorite place to be when he’s at school – and he’s especially fond of multiplying and dividing decimals.

“I got all As and Bs on my last report card,” he says proudly.

A fan of the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings, although he’s not much into playing football “unless it’s with my friends,” Mytravis has seen the Miami Heat in action firsthand. It was “awesome,” he reports, especially the pre-game fire display.

New York is somewhere he’d love to visit, preferably when it’s snowing.

“I’ve seen snow before, but I was really little, so I don’t remember it,” he says.

He wants to be a teacher, “or maybe a police officer” when he grows up, in – where else? – New York, and if he had a superpower, it would be flying. Can you guess where he would go?

Mytravis would like to be part of a big family that enjoys talking, traveling, going out to eat and exploring nature. He wants his future family to know that he’s a great student, and that he will always love them.

Miami Heart Gallery

Meet Tyler


Photo by: Daniel Wallace

Tyler is truly a special little boy. His favorite thing to do is snuggle with his foster mom and he could spend all day being held by her. He also loves to lay his head down and listen to the music on his activity walker. Despite his needs, Tyler is a very content child who handles all his doctors' appointments and treatment well. Tyler requires a lot of attention and care, but he effortlessly returns the love that is given to him. Tyler will thrive in a family prepared to make a lifelong commitment to him as he will never live independently. He has significant medical needs; however, a family willing to devote the time to learn how to care for him will meet his needs and will receive endless, unconditional love in return.

Heart Gallery of Tampa


Meet Krystal


Photo by: Little’s Photography
Alex Noblecilla, Production Department

Krystal is a cheerful, artistic teenager with beautiful brown skin. Krystal is 15 years old and is very independent. Krystal has a great personality and gets along well with others. Krystal has a great sense of humor and is known for lifting the spirits of those in her presence. Krystal likes to joke around and feels that people should lighten up when it comes to life. Krystal is described as caring, responsible, and task-oriented. Krystal is in the 10th grade and enjoys going to school. Her favorite classes are studio art and band. Krystal is very creative and loves creative writing, art, band, and music. Krystal enjoys learning about different cultures and one of her favorite bands is the Bangtan Boys aka BTS out of South Korea. Krystal likes hanging out with friends, going to the movies and going to community events. Krystal is open to new experiences and recently taken an interest in baking. Krystal has definite plans of going to college and seeks to be an artist or animator. Krystal would really thrive in a family that has similar interests or support her interest and passion. Krystal wants a family who will encourage her to do her personal best in all activities. Krystal can flourish in a single-parent or two parent home. Krystal would benefit from having a dad, father figure, or big brother in her family.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Meet Nivea


Nivea’s a strong, empathetic kid who loves running, reading, and soul food. She’s fast and determined, and was recently added to the traveling track team where she thrives. Nivea’s very independent, but she adores her big brother and relies on him to help her navigate life. When she grows up she wants to become a famous cardiologist, and if she could change anything about the world it would be racism. She’s an excellent student, and has a goal this year to read over 300 books! Nivea has made incredible personal strides this year, and has a lot to be proud of.


Meet Amiliyona


As stated on The Heart Gallery, "Full of happy energy." Amiliyona is super fun to be around. She is extremely outgoing and a great friend. She could dance, sing and do gymnastics all day long. Amiliyona loves working with animals and talks about being a veterinarian when she grows up. She dreams of traveling to the Bahamas to see and pet dolphins however would settle for Sea World, too! Amiliyona has an optimistic attitude despite the difficult times she has experienced in her young age, and is hopeful she will find a family who will show her the unconditional love she desires. She would love an active family who shares her love of swimming. Amiliyona stated she is open to any family as long as they treat her well. Amiliyona would do best as the only child in the home and needs a family who is supportive, loving, and can advocate for her educational needs."

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

Meet Noah


Photo by: Heart Gallery

Noah loves to smile and laugh – especially when accompanied by Elmo! He enjoys watching Bob the Builder on the Nick Jr. channel. His favorite colors are red and blue. His significant and pervasive medical challenges make daily life a challenge to navigate, but he does it with happiness and joy. Noah will need a family who will empower him and help him engage the world on his own terms.

Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco


Meet Jesse


Jesse is a smart and sweet young man. He enjoys playing video games and reading books over most other activities. His favorites include anything Pokemon and anything fantasy, especially if it involves dragons. Jesse is looking for a nice family who is open to him maintaining contact with his biological relatives, especially his younger sister.

Heart Gallery BIG BEND

Meet Shiniece

The first thing you'll notice about Shiniece is her infectious laugh and sense of humor. Her peers in school would describe her as outgoing and talkative. Shiniece enjoys cheerleading and is hoping to try out for the local cheerleading squad. When Shiniece is at home, you can find her watching Hannah Montana on Nickelodeon or riding her bicycle in the neighborhood. Shiniece is a gator fan and hopes to someday attend the University of Florida. Shiniece's idea of a fun day would be to go swimming and then out to eat at her favorite restaurant, Golden Corral. With the right influence from a loving and dedicated family, Shiniece certainly has the potential to achieve her goals and dreams.

Heart Gallery of Okeechobee & Treasure Coast


Meet Lashanta


Photo by: David Steel Photography

Lashanta was born in February 2003. She is an African American female. She is a medically needy child that will need constant love and support. Lashanta will need a family who will continue to support her in her goals to improve her speech, motor skills and physical functioning. While she does require full care and is unable to care for herself, she has done wonderfully well in her current home. She is a happy teenage girl who will require a family willing to love and care for her for her entire life.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

Meet Antonio


Antonio is an active young man. He is very reserved when first meeting him and has a somewhat guarded nature, but Antonio will open up once he is given the opportunity to build a trusting relationship. Antonio loves sports and wants to go to the NFL (specifically the Seattle Seahawks) when he gets older. He likes having the opportunity to make his own choices and responds well when given options. He is looking for a family who will continue to support him in his academics and attend all of his football games.

Heart Gallery BIG BEND


Meet Seraphim


Photo by: Donald Mancosh

Seraphim is an active and energetic boy! He loves Pokémon, collecting Pokémon cards, and strategy games. Seraphim is fascinated by tornados and enjoys making his own tornado experiments using two-liter bottles, water, food coloring, and duct tape. Seraphim does best when there is a clearly established routine that allows him to anticipate the day's events and give him time to transition to the next activity. Seraphim would do well in a loving and patient two parent family or a single parent family with a large circle of support. He is hoping to keep in contact with his sister who lives with relatives in another state. Seraphim states that his ideal family will help him with his homework and give him pizza.

Heart Gallery Jacksonville

Meet Andrea


Andrea is a motivated young lady who wants to succeed. She has experienced a lot of ups and downs and hopes to find a family that truly understands her. Andrea is outgoing and assertive. She enjoys attending church and her favorite food is pizza. She has a sister in foster care who she cares about deeply and fostering this relationship is important to her. Andrea also enjoys shopping, getting her nails done and spending time with friends.


Meet Bradley "Scott"


Photo by: Nicole Redford

Bradley, known as Scott, is a friendly boy. He is always on the go and enjoys playing sports and riding his bike to burn off energy. He is a huge fan of Michael Jordan and his favorite sport is basketball. He likes to spend quiet time watching movies and is also a talented artist. Scott is learning to direct his emotions in positive ways and would do well with a patient family that is familiar with behavior management.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

Meet Victoria


Photo by: Rebecca Broeseker

Victoria loves animals and would someday like to work in a veterinarian office or at the zoo. Her other interests are those of a typical teen girl — friends, shopping, movies and other fun things. Girl-interests aside, Victoria dreams of sharing her interests and her life with kind, loving parents. Do you have room in your heart and your home for Victoria?

Heart Gallery Jacksonville


Meet Aniesha


Photo by: Miami Heart Gallery

Aniesha is an outgoing 14 year old in the 9th grade. Currently, she is doing very well in classes and aspires to work in the criminal justice system. She is leaning towards becoming a lawyer, but that could change in the future. She enjoys the outdoors and her favorite sport is cheerleading. Aniesha also enjoys quality family time and hanging out with her friends. She considers herself to be social, caring, and passionate.

Miami Heart Gallery

Meet Alex


Are you active and enjoy outdoor sports? Do you desire to have a son who you can share those outdoor activities with? If so, Alex may be a perfect match for your family. Alex is a very active young man and he enjoys a variety of outside activities such as football, basketball, and swimming. Alex also enjoys drawing, listening to music, and just relaxing in his free time. Alex describes himself as active, cool, and funny and states he has a hearty appetite as he enjoys fried chicken, salad, and spaghetti.

Alex is in a very pivotal time in his life and desires to be adopted by an individual or family who is willing and able to be a positive role model for him. Alex desires to be adopted by a family who is kind and willing to love him unconditionally. Alex is in need of an individual or family who is willing to offer him stability, consistency, and boundaries.

Partnership for Strong Families


Meet Carlos


Photo by: : Christi Perry

Meet Carlos, a young man who is confident and knows what he wants. Carlos is also friendly, easy to engage in conversation, and enjoys one on one attention. Carlos is creative and loves to figure out new ways to innovate his ideas. Carlos also likes to read and would love new suggestions of great books to read. Carlos in is the 11th grade and his favorite subject in school is anything pertaining to writing. He sometimes has difficulty remaining focused on tasks and needs to increase his confidence in his abilities to succeed academically. However, he is very smart and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Journaling is one way that Carlos enjoys expressing his thoughts and feelings so he may benefit from having a mentor in a writing, poetry, or book club. Carlos would do great with being encouraged to have an outlet like structured activities. Carlos would do great in a family who will be compassionate and understanding of Carlos's past trauma and are willing to continue his healing process in his current journey. Carlos will benefit from residing with parents who provide structure, clear boundaries, and lots of love. Carlos would love a family who will continue to provide guidance and support as he gets older and face the real world.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Meet Hannah


Photo by: : Brittany Borda Photography

Hannah is a sweet, funny and a kind girl who likes to make a statement with her style and bright colors! She enjoys most foods and loves everything related to emojis. Hannah truly loves sports like her siblings and excels at gymnastics. For fun, she enjoys singing and watching movies. Her wish for the world is to help others. If she could have a super power it would be X-ray vision. Hannah is open to a loving family where she could receive attention and be able to continue her love for sports. Hannah is part of a sibling group with Amoni and Elise.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida


Meet Elise


Photo by: Brittany Borda Photography

Elise is smart, spunky, and loves to joke around! Her outgoing personality makes her the center of attention. She is easy going and enjoys most foods and also likes animals. Elise is passionate about art, gymnastics, and band. She feels that she could use art as a way to help the world. When asked what her super power would be, she replied flying! Elise is part of a sibling group with Amoni and Hannah. Like her siblings, she would like her forever family to be active and willing to explore.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Meet Coddy


Coddy is a laidback and easy going teen who wishes to be a part of a close family unit. Coddy describes himself as adventurous, funny, and athletic. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, playing basketball, football, board games, interactive video games and listening to a variety of music. Coddy is a typical teen and he enjoys helping others and considers himself as hard working. He enjoys building things with his hands and desires to learn to cook as he is considering being a chef or police offer when he grows up. Coddy desires to be adopted by a traditional family in Florida that is active, enjoys family time together, and celebrates traditional holidays. He desires a family that is kind, loving, and family oriented who are willing to help guide him into adulthood. Coddy would love to have family pets such as cats and dogs as he enjoys animals. Coddy appreciates nature and the rustic scenery county settings offer and desires to live in this type of environment.

Partnership for Strong Families


Meet Lavarian


Photo by: Forever Family

Lavarian enjoys free time playing 4 square with peers. Overall he is described as a quiet teen. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and continues to learn to strive towards expressing himself in positive ways. Currently his hard work is paying off in school as he is excelling. Lavarian would benefit from a family who will allow continued birth family contact which includes telephone and face to face visitation. Lavarian dreams of belonging to a family that will love and support him for a lifetime.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County Florida

Meet Marcus


This is a fun-loving little boy is full of life and needs his forever family to provide him love and support. Marcus enjoys cars and video games. He is an active boy that likes to play basketball, running and bowling. He is outgoing and can make friends easily. He has been described as having a loving heart and shows the ability to bond with people. Marcus definitely leaves a lasting impression on others and is always smiling. He needs a special family that is willing to have the patience and loving hearts to provide him the stability he needs.

Heart Gallery Jacksonville


Meet Leyla


Photo by: Studio One To One - Wellington

Leyla is an outgoing girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. She enjoys doing her makeup and attending church. She is fascinated by history, theatre and acting. Leyla also likes to draw. Leyla thrives on positive attention and is in need of loving and firm guidance to keep her on track. She is seeking a forever family that is patient and can work with providers to help her reach her full potential.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

Meet Amoni


Photo by: Brittany Borda Photography

Amoni is a kind and caring young lady. She is self- aware, thoughtful and loves being a big sister. Amoni likes to dance and enjoys school. She has a good head on her shoulders, allowing her to avoid conflicts and make good decisions. She enjoys eating pizza and her favorite color is green. When she is ready to have fun Amoni, likes to dance and go out with friends and family. When asked how she would like to change the world, her reply was to help others. She wishes that her super power could be Invisibility. One of her hidden talents is that she is skilled at playing the flute and trumpet. Amoni is also naturally very stylish. Amoni would like her forever family be active and kind hearted. She is part of a sibling group with Elise and Hannah.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida


Meet Alexis


Photo by: Susan Gardner

Alexis is self-described as authentic and smart and has a great sense of humor! She enjoys dancing and playing basketball and hanging out with her friends. She is an avid collector of Hot Wheels toy cars and believes strongly in equality and helping those in need. She also has an independent streak and her goals for the future include attending college. Alexis is would do best with a family that "can keep it real" and provide her with loving guidance as she navigates life and learns to trust.

Heart Gallery of Plam Beach County

Meet Emanuel


Photo Credit: Lauren Lieberman

Meet Emanuel! This young man enjoys playing on his tablet and listening to music. It takes him a while to open up and he can be reserved at times. He is still learning how to express his feelings. He responds well to positive interactions and is hoping to find a family that will love and accept him unconditionally.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County


Meet Danny


Photo by: Historia Photography

Danny is an extraordinary young man who is eager to find his forever family. He likes to watch and play sports with basketball and football being his favorites. Danny could be described as laid back band he is very social and easy to engage with. He has a big heart, is very smart and has a fantastic sense of humor. Danny has dreams of becoming a rap artists, a professional basketball player or a fire fighter one day.

Danny would do well in a structured two parent home or in a single parent home with a strong female. Danny wishes for a smaller family with not too many siblings but is okay with a having some brothers or sisters.

Heart Gallery Jacksonville

Meet Valecia


Photo by: Lorrie Snodgrass
Children’s Home Society of Florida

Say hi to Valecia! A typical fun day for this bubbly teenager would consist of shopping, hanging out at the mall with friends, or going to the local movie theater. Valecia's friends would describe her as friendly, funny, and a very loyal friend. Valecia loves Italian food so it's no surprise that her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. In her alone time, Valecia likes to color in adult coloring books and she also likes to read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. A family that is energetic and ready to give Valecia the attention and love she needs would be perfect for her. Perhaps your family can be the one to help Valecia make her dreams come true!

Heart Gallery of Okeechobee & the Treasure Coast


Meet Caleb


Photo by: Christi Perry

Caleb is an adorable, lovable boy. His disposition is usually sweet and gentle. He is easy to engage with, and he loves one on one time. Caleb is an active child and likes to be in motion. He enjoys moving around, and exploring the environment he is in. Caleb enjoys music, and he likes when you sing and play songs for him. He loves singing nursery rhymes and singing a good night song at bedtime. He loves to go to school and needs special educational accommodations. Caleb needs some extra attention to care for his medical needs. He is learning to ride his tricycle and loves going for walks while he rides in his wagon. As Caleb gets to know the songs he will try to sing along and play with toy instrument with the song. He loves giving hugs and asking for hugs. A family that is ready and committed to take care of Caleb's needs and care for him long term would be the best match for him.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Meet Shamone


Photo by:Becca Broeseker

Shamone is a clever boy who is looking for a forever family with a mom and dad who will support his interests and give him the love he deserves! He would do best in a home with a strong male figure to help guide him into manhood. Shamone is like most boys in the way of liking to play video games. He enjoys sports and basketball is his favorite. Shamone hopes to someday be able to play on a basketball team. Shamone is a very smart young man and he does well in school. Could you be the family for Shamone?

Heart Gallery Jacksonville

To find out more information about the Amazing Children featured here please call 1-800-96-ADOPT (1-800-962-3678).